Süreyya Tahsin Aygün

Academic, Military Veterinary Physician

Aygün was born in İstanbul in 1895. After graduating from the Haydarpaşa Military Veterinary School in 1920, he joined the army with the rank of veterinarian-doctor senior lieutenant. He worked at Serum and Vaccine Institute during the War of Independence. He was sent to Germany to pursue his studies in 1924. Having specialized in bacteriology, virology and infectious diseases, he received his doctoral degree at Berlin Higher Veterinary School. Aygün, who worked at the various offices within the Turkish Armed Forces and the Faculty of Agriculture after returning to Turkey, took the title of ordinarius professor in 1944. He pursued his research at Ohio State University where he went on a Fulbright scholarship in 1954. He was the first scientist in Turkey voicing the concept of stem cells and practicing in this area. He was awarded the Independence Medal.

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